Who We Are?

Our Mission

Robimech manufactures and sells products for inspection, control and cleaning of ventilation systems, chimney flues and sewage systems.

One of our specialties is inspection cameras of different types developed with simplicity and
functionality as a beacon.

Our goal is to market products that will be smarter, more efficient and cheaper than competing systems and, thanks to very good cooperation with customers, distributors and suppliers, we now have a strong and competitive product program.

Robimech sells products throughout Europe with Sweden as the largest market. The components of the products
is bought worldwide and adapted to us the needs of local markets. All delivery and quality control takes place at our premises in Sollentuna.

Thanks to our control of the entire manufacturing process, we can always set up when needed. Whether for fast deliveries, special adaptations or service, we are always on hand at short notice. If we cannot solve the service problems directly, we can usually offer our customers a loan equipment.

The company was founded by Staffan Broms and Hans Hedbom 2003. Both have long experience of ventilation and energy technology in different companies, both at component and system level.

Robimech is growing steadily and we are pleased that more and more customers are now familiar with us. We hope that this is because we live up to our goal:

 Smarter, more efficient, cheaper

Extraordinary Experiences

We have developed inspetion cameras since 2003.  We have experience of solving inspection challanges får our clients

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Our Core Values

Long time experience of camera inspection