More than a thousand words

Inspection Cameras

More than a thousand words

Inspection Cameras

”Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”

– Albert Einstein

Kitchen duct cleaning


The new Brush-Spray-Camera-system.

Perfect when spraying and brushing can be done at the same time.

Especially when small and precise spray of liquid is added. This to avid leakage from the ducts. 

The camera inspection monitors the cleaning and spray in real time for optimal result.

camera in vest.

RobiCam 360 in vest

Inspection camera in practical work vest. use both hands and feet when climbing

360 degree camera

RobiCam360: Very rugged camera body with five color cameras for 360 ° all-around view. 16 super strong LEDs. No moving parts. Waterproof. Polyurethane cable with more than 750N tensile strength.

inspection from below

RobiCam 23FB

Inspect from beneeth

Horizontal inspection

RobiCam 23F

Camera on Fibreglass rod. For ducts and flutes 50-250mm.

Meet us in ESChfoe, malmö

Robimech AB participates in the ESCHFOE Technical Meeting, 21-25th of August 2019 on Malmö, Sweden.

We show e.g. our products RobiCam 360 and RobiCam 23FB.

See pictures to the right.